HEBI is developing desktop applications and mobile apps to provide additional features and capabilities to HEBI hardware components.


SCOPE is a multi-purpose diagnostic and monitoring utility that identifies HEBI modules on the local network, allows you to configure, command, and update these modules, and can be used to plot real-time feedback from these modules. Full documentation and download links are available here.




HEBI Node is an Android app we developed that provides users a simple way to gather real-time sensor data from mobile devices. All sensor feedback can be accessed in the same way as the feedback from our other devices.

You can download it at the the Play Store

The example below shows an application where the feedback from a gyroscope in an Android phone is used to control the output velocity of an actuator. All feedback is in SI units, so  velocity can be mapped without conversion.

% Control actuator velocity using gyroscope readings
phone = HebiLookup.newGroupFromNames('*', 'HEBI_Nexus5');
actuator = HebiLookup.newGroupFromNames('*', 'X5-00893');
cmd = CommandStruct();
while true
	fbk = phone.getNextFeedback();
	cmd.velocity = -fbk.gyroZ;

The resulting behavior is shown in the video below. In case the wireless connection does not work well enough, many Android phones also support the ability to connect using wired Ethernet.