HEBI Robotics enables you to create custom robots quickly.  Each module is a series elastic actuator that offers control of torque, position & velocity, and is packed with sensors making it a self-contained unit that includes everything you need as a foundation for your robot.


When you create a system with HEBI components, it lives on long after your needs, projects, or processes change.  Each system can be easily modified to extend reach, adjust payload capacity, or can be completely restructured into different types of robots.  


HEBI’s cross platform tools provide several levels of hardware access in order to cover the widest possible range of projects and applications.  Our APIs support system level kinematics and trajectory control as well as joint level motion, feedback, logging, and more.

Introducing the HEBI X-Series Smart Actuator

This series of powerful robot modules allow engineers, researchers, and industrial integrators to quickly and easily create world-class custom robots of any configuration.  These actuators are packed with sensors that enable 3-axis inertial measurement, controllable position, velocity, and sensitive torque control.  Get the X-Series Technical Specifications.

We are working to make robots simple, useful, and safe.


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