Robotic Building Blocks

HEBI Robotics builds intelligent and connected building blocks for creating robotic solutions and uses these building blocks to deliver these solutions faster, better, and cheaper than current technology.  Well-defined interfaces, internet-enabled connectivity, and smart software tools allow implementers to spend their time focusing on the task at hand rather than low-level implementation details, resulting in faster development.  The flexibility and reconfigurability of these tools allow robotic solutions to be more appropriately customized for their tasks, resulting in better robots. Finally, these both result in solutions that are cheaper, both due to reduction in development time and because customization means that only necessary parts are purchased.

X-Series Actuator

This series of powerful robot module allow engineers, researchers, and industrial integrators to quickly and easily create world-class custom robots of any configuration.  These actuators are packed with sensors that enable controllable position, velocity, and sensitive torque control as well as three axis inertial measurement.

Each module is a series-elastic actuator that integrates a brushless motor, geartrain, spring, encoders, and control electronics into a compact package that runs on anything from 18V-50V DC and communicates using standard 10/100Mbps Ethernet.

This module is designed to function as a full-featured robotic component as opposed to a simple servo motor.  The output rotates continuously, requires no calibration or homing on boot-up, and contains a thru-bore for easy daisy-chaining and wiring.   This enables these modules to be used in everything from wheeled robots to multi degree of freedom collaborative robotic arms.  

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S-Series Actuator

The S-Series module features a standard two inch diameter circular interface, and is designed to be assembled without tools into robots of various configurations.  For example, several of the single degree-of-freedom, series-elastic rotational joints can be connected into a serial chain to form a torque-sensing snake robot -- useful for crawling into and inspecting small, convoluted spaces which larger systems cannot access. These same modules can be attached to a "body" module, along with other "foot" pressure-sensing modules, to result in a quadruped or hexapod that can overcome taller obstacles and carry larger payloads.

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